Wiska, Zuzana Z.

Hot Legs & Feet presents: Hey there you naughty boys, I’m Wiska, a young and sexy hard body from Ukraine. I’m one of those girls that just loves sex, the more the better. When it comes to sex I’ll try anything once or twice. The other day I was at a sex show, there were these two girls that did this Dominate scene, where one of the girls tied the other one up and had her way with her. Just watching this ... show more

made me all hot and bothered inside. By the time they were done I could feel that my pussy was all wet. Later on I ran into the girls at one of the booths where they were demonstrating there new line of sex toys. I told them how much I enjoyed there show and then I slipped one of the girls my number; she smiled and said that she would call me later. The next day my friend from the sex show called and invited me to her place I couldn’t wait! As soon as I got there Susanne took me straight to her bedroom. We sat on the bed and began caressing each others sexy bodies. Susanne reached up and started rubbing and squeezing my tits, I slowly started rubbing her leg, working my way up to her tits. I started licking them and teasing her nipples with my tongue. I laid down and Susanne started touching my body all over, rubbing my tits and teasing my stiffening nipples, her touch was so soft. I reached down and began rubbing my horny little twat, I could feel that it was getting nice and juicy. Susanne slowly stuck her fingers in my mouth and I started sucking them like they were my favorite flavored candy. Out of no where Susanne grabbed a piece of rope and put it around my neck, my heart began beating really fast, as she tied my hands. She got me up on my knees and led me to the head of the bed then she removed my bra. She slowly licked and kissed her way down my back to my feet, before giving them a good nasty licking. Susanne continued to work my body, softly caressing my legs and tits before giving my hair a good tug. With my hand still bound, I took of Susanne’s bra, I stuck my fingers in my mouth getting them all wet and began teasing her nipples, pinching and flicking them with my tongue. I began licking and kissing her shoes and feet, I pulled her panties to the side and started playing with her pussy, I could see that she was getting all wet. I started licking her tits and nipples, they were hardening right up. I began rubbing her ass and spanking her with the tips of the rope. Susanne took the rope and started rubbing it across my nipples, I squeezed my tits together as she licked and sucked my nipples, I can’t remember ever being so excited. Susanne laid down and I began giving her shoes and feet another licking. I stood up straddling her feet, pulled my panties to the side and started rubbing my nasty wet cunt from top to bottom; it was so hot and wet. Before I knew it I had pissed right on her feet and shoes. I went down to my knees and started licking my piss from her feet, I slipped off her shoes and started licking and sucking her feet and toes. Susanne took her feet and started rubbing them against my tits, teasing my nipples with her toes. I took off her panties and laid back on the bed, Susanne grabbed the rope around my neck and started smacking my pussy, she then took the rope and started rubbing it across my swelling pink clit, before smacking my pussy again. She started rubbing and squeezing my tits, my nipples were as hard as rocks. She started licking and kissing my feet all over then she slipped off my panties and used them to gag me before stuffing them in my mouth. Then she removed my panties from my mouth and started playing with my hot juicy pussy, once again teasing my clit. Susanne tied my hands to the head board and began playing with my tits and nips then she stood up over me and started touching my body with her foot. I took my feet and started touching her tits as she did the same to mine. Susanne untied me and laid down, I grabbed her foot and licking it all over, sucking her toes into my warm wet mouth. Susanne had taken my foot and was doing the same, sucking my toes like they had never been sucked before. We both sat up and Susanne removed the rope from around my neck. Susanne laid back down and started rubbing her feet on my tits, I got up on my knees and started giving her feet and toes another nasty sucking. Susanne took her feet and started playing with my hair, then she sat up on the bed, joining me. I’ll tell you what, that was an experience of a lifetime and one I will definitely be doing again!

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